Susan Genaro

Artist Statement

Photography is self-expression.  It helps me identify with qualities of my own character,  to understand my reality, and express my interpretation of the world around me.  Photography engages me more deeply with where I am in space and time and is fueled by a desire to partake in the stories that are unfolding around me.

I am inspired by the moments we lose to memory.  It is a search for that which is hidden and my desire to to reveal what I discover.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are” - Anaïs Nin


There were many artists in Susan's formative years whose talent in various fields profoundly influenced her love of art and design. Susan went on to attend the Rhode Island School of Design.  Her creative, inquisitive nature led her to explore different mediums from architecture to fashion while at college.  After graduating she worked for over a decade as an apparel designer in New York City.  

Her work allowed travel globally, involving various cultures and venues.  During this time a camera was always close at hand. She used photography to take everyday tangible experience and turn it inward for a viewer’s more personal awareness of the surroundings.

Her career path took a complete change in direction when she realized caring for people was a more meaningful occupation for her.  She is now a medical professional working in New York City.

She continues to travel, teach, and indulge her passion for photography.




       Salmagundi Club, Open Photography, NYC

       Soho Photo Gallery, Portfolio Development Annual Juried Exhibition, NYC

       Queens Botanical Garden, Our Botanical World, New York, group show

       Umbrella Arts, Let there be Light & Shadow curated by Harvey Stein, NYC, group show


        Benabbio, Italy,  group show 

        Jadite Gallery, Scene on the Street, NYC, group show juried by Meryl Meisler


        The National Arts Club, Structure in the City, NYC   

        Atlantic Gallery, Primarily Color, NYC  

        Bergen County Camera Gallery, 35 Miles, NJ

        5th Annual Art Takes Miami Exhibition, Miami Florida


        Los Angles Center for Digital Art to Grid, Los Angles Center for Digital Art, CA

        Englewood Hospital and Medical Center,  Art of Healing: A Collaborative Exhibition, Englewood, NJ

        The Art School at Old Church, NJ 

        Soho Art House, NYC