Olive Harvest, Benabbio, Italy 2017

The Village of Benabbio is a short drive out of Florence.  It is a place where everyone knows each other: there is a church, one restaurant, a small bodega (run by the owners of the restaurant), and a magazine shop.  It is a magical place.  The village is the heart of its inhabitants.

I had the pleasure of spending time there shooting portraits of the people of Benabbio.

A family tending to there olive grove during harvest.


Palouse, Washington State, USA

I recently was out shooting in Palouse, it's a region in Washington State just east of the Cascade Mountains along the boarder of Idaho.

The origins of the name is thought to come from the Palus Indian tribe that made their home in the area, and the French-Canadian fur trappers. The French word, pelisse, meaning "land with short, thick grass".

And the landscape is just that; rich farmland, rolling hills, patchwork colors, small farm towns, amazing buttes, and incredible views.

Palouse has become one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world. Being the "Lima bean capital", they hold a huge festival every year.

It is also referred to as the "Tuscany of America" and from the following images you can see why-

Rockport Marine- photo shoot May 2017

    The Rockport Marine was founded in 1962 by Luke Allen in Rockport Maine.  It has now become one of the industry’s premier wooden boat yards.  Rockport Marine continues the craft and the long history, as well as the new england coast, in traditional boat building. 

     This history of boat making in America reaches back as far as 1608 when the first ocean- going vessel built by Europeans on this continent, the pinnace Virginia, launched on the banks of the Kennebec River.    

 I was honored to be able to help document the continued craftsmanship from the Rockport Marine Company.